• Owner:            n/a

  • Location:        Lanaken, Belgium

  • Build:              1990

  • Limited:          about the history of this Ltd. is not much known, before he was found                           back in 2003 fragmented in a barn in Germany, after the young owner                         died and left behind this Limited new painted but not rebuilded.

                               Been sold in "mobile" Portal 2003 for about 4.000€ fragmented but                                      complete, changing the owner very quickly.

                               For lack of time sold again to a new Owner in Berlin, he decided to sell                                the Ltd. in parts over eBay. So the engine stayed in Germany, the other                                parts where going anywhere and the Body leave over to Holland,                                          where the new Owner build up a Audi S3 20V Turbo engine in the                                          bodyshelf. 

                               After a few years dismatled again, and sold for the second time in                                        parts, the Ltd. Body comes again to a new Owner in Holland, where he                                begun and try to restore this Limited in its original condition. He did a                                  great job to keep this Limited alive and running now as good as he can                                back in original condition with some modifications.

                               Ltd.037 was burned in a fire at VW Garage Coox in touch with a Rallye                                  Golf at 21.12.2016 and was fully destroyed. The cause of the fire is                                        currently under investigation, and the fate of Ltd.037 is unknown.

                               More to come on this Limited soon...                       


  • Modification:  


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